Friday, January 16, 2009

Artist Date

This piece is named "Community Garden" After the Sunset Community Garden that I joined as a working member last year. I always said I had a brown thumb and do not have a garden of my own, so have really enjoyed learning and harvesting this past year.

This piece I finished Tuesday at the studio, and have named it "Come Hell or High Water" which are the words printed on the cork. The wine cork is from the Hell's Canyon Vineyard on the Oregon /Idaho border. I hiked 7 devils this summer, on the edge of Hell's Canyon and took the short "climber's route" up and over the "devils" to get back to the car- I was horrified at this prospect as I had never considered myself a climber or stupid enough to attempt something like that. But I lived through it and actually had fun. This piece looks kind of creepy...the hair- like strands are actually brown glue, melted and draped over the tin. I have long thin straight hair that has always tormented me, this reminds me of my bathroom counter after I comb my hair. But back to 7 one point during our trip, my husband and the rest of the party went on a bag-peaking day hike, while I stayed at camp and babysat Milo the dog. Around the time they were to return I heard a huge rock slide and ran to see 3 people returning and not the 5 that had left earlier and was convinced my husband was buried forever under heavy rocks, but later found out he and another friend had decided to do another peak and were not buried in the debri.
The rock with a whole in it is from Texas and reminds me of a skull.

Artist Date:

My daughter came back from visiting her dad in Texas yesterday and we spent the day today on an "Artist Date" Those of you that have followed Julia Cameron's "The Artists Way", will understand this concept as doing something for yourself to inspire your creative side. We spent the day scouring antique shops and thrift stores. She bought a jewelry box that she is currently visually enhancing, while I am working on my blog. I bought a postcard from the turn of the century with writing on the back that says " This is our Home", this will be incorporated in an assemblage to come - the other piece I tried to buy had no tag and she refused to sell it, so I left my business card and hope to get a call as those two pieces are inextricably tied together!


Marilyn said...

Love your "community garden". It's fun to garden with other people.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Marilyn!