Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring Updates

One of my bike collages made the cover of the local alternative paper for bike week! yay!  
I will have 12 other bike collage pieces on display at Idaho Blueprint and Supply 619 W. Main Street, Boise with an opening on First Thursday June 1. I will also be on hand during the evening making art and selling my famous one of a kind collage cards. Show will hang through the month. 

Four of my assemblage pieces were chosen for the Art Project Boise show "Animals" also opening at First Thursday June 1 at the Owyhee Lobby 1109 W. Main Street in Boise. This show will also hang for the month. 

Time Out 
Mixed Media Assemblage
5 " x 12"

This piece started with the alligator head my daughter brought me back as a souvenir from Florida. The title and piece represent going to work or not having enough time to get your work done. It also represents technology and how it makes our lives "easier" yet somehow feels like one (blog, Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, instagram) more thing to get done. 

Time For The Show
Mixed Media Assemblage
11" x 20"

Victorian Fantasy Steampunky Circus with a flying giraffe, Ringling Brothers circus ticket, a tiger on a tightrope, vintage Waltham pocket watch from Grandpa, vintage buttons from Aunt Rose, game pieces, beads and hand painted designs. 

D is For Ducks
Mixed Media Assemblage
6" x 6"

This is one of a series I created based on each letter of the alphabet. One of my daughters graduated from University of Oregon, home of The Ducks.

Full Moon Barnyard Shenanigans
Mixed Media Assemblage
6" x 6"

We were out camping during a full moon not far from a farm and heard all kinds of animal noises all night just down the hill from camp. This piece captures what could have been going on that night. 

Hope to see you on Thursday at Idaho Blueprint!

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