Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thrift Store Fun

I love this place...a huge warehouse filled with goods that did not sell at the thrift store...last chance to help out the Idaho Youth Ranch...and they sell it by the pound. Perfect for assemblage projects. I bought an armful for under $2.00!

Poor rubber chicken!

My haul from the day. Three different thrift stores. I know it's not a very large haul...I am trying to show restraint as my whole assemblage theory is to use up what I already have. 

And then I received goodies from two of my husbands friends. This pile was all bike parts. (Which I need for my public art project coming up)
This stash of goodies was from a friend remodeling his home and has a 10 year old daughter.

 Now I have grown men saving stuff that could be used in an art project just like I used to have my students saving stuff.

Thanks guys!

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MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Yay glad you are still blogging! Also glad that last chance store is in the USA or my poor house would be even worse. My friends have been or are being trained in the "Do not throw away" mindset. Some have got it, especially Val, three black sacks of vintage fabric :-)