Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The angst of a blog writer

As you may or may not have noticed I haven't posted in almost 2 months.

Thinking goes like this.

It's a lot of work. Does anyone even read it? Is it relevant? Does it help me?  and better yet does it help anyone else?

So while fretting over the question at hand,  "Do I want to continue my blog postings?" I received this email today:  I'd love to talk to you about art journaling--I hope to have an example for critique :-) I very much enjoyed your blog post about the book your daughter handed down to you. It helped me feel less intimidated. I know it doesn't have to be *perfect* but that white paper is really scary! 

When I responded that I appreciated her comment because I was thinking about giving up on my blog- she commented: Don't give up! It was just what I needed when I needed it. Thanks!

Well I think I have my answer!

Here are some new pages from my journal.

I like using maps in my journal while I am traveling. I like to take out the journal at the end of the day when everyone is sitting around visiting with each other. I am not good at sitting still so this is a good way for me to be a part of the group.

While traveling, the journal is also part diary with out being boring.

It's fun going through all the papers I collect and cut out what is useful for me to tell my story. It's also a good way for me to reuse items that would normally be thrown away. 

I hope I have inspired you, remember: don't give up!


Wade Quick said...

I am happy to see you posting again. Lovely drawing in your journal.

Rebeca Trevino said...

Oh, i am so glad you are not giving up your blog. i agree, it is 'work' and sometimes the time flies by and i miss my self-imposed deadline to post each week. or some weeks i just have nothing to post . . . so i just cut myself some slack. if the deadline was tuesday and it is now thursday, and i have something to post, then i'll post. if i don't then i wait til next week. and that's how it goes for me.
additionally, the real and overriding reason i post is to document my artwork. i don't have a 'web-site' so my blog is my website, and i know people can go there and see all of my work in one place.
so i am glad you are going to continue. like journaling, your blog can be a way to document your travels and your art, and your journals. plus, you never know who or how you words will inspire.
take care. hope you are well.

Pam McKnight said...

Wade and Rebeca, Thanks for the encouragement!