Monday, August 5, 2013

My 350th post is an update on a post

 Investigative Art from April 14, 2010. To refresh your memory this was the piece of art:

It was created to honor the memory of the victims of a fire at the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson, AZ in 1970. The fire was attributed to a 16 year old boy. A panel of arson experts recently found no evidence that the fire had been set intentionally and the young boy who is now 59 years old has been set free. 

After 42 years in prison Louis Taylor is learning how to use a cell phone and says learning how to use a computer is out of the question. If he truly is innocent, I should add another tag to the sculpture to honor the 42 years of his life he gave up. According to trial witnesses, as flames raced toward the top floor, Taylor rushed in and helped save several elderly guests and children. 

This article was in the August 12, 2013 People Magazine

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