Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Georgia O'Keefe Inspired Large flower paintings
 The first of August I taught a week long art camp at the Garden City Public Library. It was just 1 hour a day. Ages 6-12, but I did have some well behaved 3 year olds!

More paintings
Other day's we did "ugly" clay faces based on Picasso's cubist period. Matisse inspired collages. "drawing with scissors" and monochromatic found object sculptures based on Louise Nevelson's art.
This boy had a tutor with him and she said she had made more progress with him in this session than she had all summer! 
Collages were on day 1 and I didn't think to take any pictures. Then I asked if it was ok if I took photos and they said yes. The two sculpture days I had a packed room and didn't have time to take photos.
Oil Pastel and Crayon Post-Expressionistic Landscapes inspired by Van Gogh
 I really appreciated how the staff at the library trusted me as a professional to do my job and let me create the curriculum and handle the classes as I saw fit. It was a fun week and I will be back Thanksgiving Break for another 3 day session.

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