Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Lady of ...

"Our Lady of ...."  Found Object Assemblage 6" x 7" x 3 1/2" This is my third entry for the TVAA show Silver Linings   
This one started with a gold garage sale frame which I painted over with silver ink. It looks way better than it did!
Next was this wooden box from a garage sale lined with silver papers that Rebeca gave me. I also gave it a thin coating (wash) of the silver ink
Actually I should have said the piece started with this little box, which I had 1/2 way completed but did not know what to do with. I am sure it has been in my studio for a year now asking to be used in something.
Side view, I think it is a freebie wooden jewelry box that back in the day your ring or necklace purchase would have come in  instead of a cardboard or plastic box.
I have a collection of small glass jars with cork tops. I added silver glitter to it and glued it to a lug nut I found in the street for height.
Not sure what this was for, looks like a place holder but there is no place to put a card in it.
close up of interior

The fun part was layering all the parts to add depth to the piece.
So back to the name. I have already entered the show and named it Our Lady of Silver Linings, but now I am having second thoughts that this piece should be something like a patron saint of arts and crafters who like to use lots of glitter, so some other names could be Our Lady of Glitter, Our Lady of Shiny Things....What do you think?