Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fixing my old tattoos

These are the existing tattoos that are on my back. They are approx. 17 years old and not very great. The one on the right (the darker one) was the first one. I got this on 6th Street. in Austin TX. I wanted one that I had drawn but to get all the detail the tattoo artist said it would be HUGE and I wasn't ready for that at that time. As these things tend to be now or never and I wanted to get it that day,  I thumbed through their book and picked out the flower. The round one was done a year or two later in sketchy part of Dallas near where I lived that has since been torn down and a Super Target was built on the grounds. This one was a Japanese Crest. It was 1997 and the year of Japanese art in the Dallas Public Schools.

 This is a sketch of how to combine the two existing tattoos into a coherent scene. I would get a second Japanese crest and the two of them would form the bicycle wheels.  The foreground would be in color and the background in black and gray. Two of my friends and I are planning on going in August and getting our tattoos all done at the same time and then going out for drinks (or going home for ice packs.) When I showed the guy the plan, he said "wait, let me guess, this fits your back exactly."and Marianne said, "well, she is an artist' I also designed her tattoo which is a dragonfly. He seemed a little sad as he said designing the tattoo is part of what we are paying him for!

Here is a photo of the bike I want in the scene. (April 2012, St. George, Utah)

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Wade Quick said...

very creative idea. tattoos are excellent ways to tell the story of a life.