Sunday, June 17, 2012

Every Heart has a Silver Lining

 The upcoming TVAA member show is titled "Silver Linings" After visiting my friend Rebecca in CA last month, I had the perfect idea.  First I gathered everything I could find in my studio that was silver.

I already had this wooden 10" x 24" wooden piece that I purchased several years ago from an antique store for way more than I would normally spend on a substrate and then had no idea what I would do with it!  It seemed kind of country and outdated,  but no more... It would be getting a facelift!

I taped off the edges.  I collaged the frame. I glued all the silver pieces in between the hearts. The heart that was hand-made by Rebecca, (which I added some watercolor details) I glued to the top of a wooden heart.  After all the glue was dried I poured 2 part resin over all of the silver pieces and it turned out well, now that I'm not afraid of resin!

We can enter up to 3 pieces...I'm working on the next piece for the show with an abandoned  birds nest I found.


Rebeca Trevino said...

OMG pam! this piece is terrific! i love love love the idea that everything is sort of 'set' inside the frame and in between the hearts, i love that the hearts are off-set from the bling - that adds a lot of texture, i love what you did with the frame, the collage of the tissues and the words . . . all of it . . . love love love

marianne said...

very cool pam! looking forward to the bird's nest (as i was reading this i was wondering.....).