Monday, April 16, 2012

A weekend of canons and hairspray, rain and sun, hiking and biking, peeps and fire, gourmet cooking and camping.

 We had a great weekend with some fabulous friends from our Yahoo group: Idaho Outdoors last weekend at Lelsie Gulch on the Oregon/Idaho border.
Gorgeous Views from Leo's hike traversing the Roosters Comb.

Rock Arches
Fabulous rock formations

even time to mountain bike

a heart shaped opening in the rock 

 After everyone was back from various hikes, hot springs and boat shuttles, the festivities could really begin with a bang....
Owen and Benoit firing the potato canons
the secret ingredient is Aqua Net
Madonna relaxing in the afternoon sun.

 The crowds gather as the sun sets and the cooking begins.

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 Tom stacks the dutch ovens while Leo supervises. There was so much food we were all stuffed!

After dinner Leo told a Peep 50th anniversary story that had to do with Leslie Gulch. and then there was the burning of the Peeps. This year there were even a couple peep dioramas.
The very disturbing "Peep Hell House"

So in case you were wondering what Idahoans do for fun on the weekend, now you know!

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