Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ThaNk You, Thank YOu, tHank YoU!!

This past week I have been the lucky recipient of quite a bit of "found art" or things that people didn't want to throw away but thought I could put to good use. It started with Lynne who gave me these fine pieces of fringe at last weeks studio night...

 ...then Ronna asked me at the docent meeting if I would like these earrings that are missing their mate...

 ...at the Gypsy Gallery Show...Emmy asked if I could use these monopoly pieces...

...on Saturday went on a hike and found the key... and Leo found the antlers and asked if I would like them and Kim carried them out for me in her backpack!

 ...but it doesn't end there, I get home and this baby doll is sitting in my living room! courtesy of Nancy! Wow, thanks all!

Tonight was Studio em night. Sue came to visit, drink wine and pet the dogs. :)

 Marianne busy at work on her dolphin mixed media piece, and she gave me a 16 x 20 frame I spied up in her "attic" Thank you! I needed it for a piece that was entered in a show but I mistakenly framed the wrong piece (different size)

My mixed media collage "17 postcards from Peru" that I had messed up and Marianne told me I could remove some the acrylic paint layers by using rubbing alcohol, which worked  and then I added a few more layers of color in select areas.

Poor Halle the cone dog who broke her foot while we where on our girls hiking/art weekend 3 weeks ago. 

Thanks all for a great week!


marianne said...

thank you for your help on the dolphins (and the wine, and everything else!). here's to sharing!

Diane said...

LOve when you have friends around like this...the best!