Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Long Horn State

 This is the 3rd project on my series using baby wipe container lids. My usual Modus operandi is to use items I already have in my possession or to purchase used but I could not find anything to fit this lid. So I purchases a new 5" x 5" canvas.

 I took the label off the lid and covered the back of the canvas with modeling paste. 

When the modeling paste was dry, I covered both the lid and the canvas with acrylic paint. 

Then I pulled out my miniature collections. Having lived most of my life in Texas I used a Texas theme.

 I inserted (using e600 glue) the blue Texas shaped magnet with a red rose that I had bought while visiting Tyler Texas and the Rose festival years ago and on top of that I glued a miniature cow skull and an illustration of a saddle from a business card. I also painted the black lava texture gel over everything.

 I then started adding details with "dot" paints and attached the hanger with Apoxie Clay.

Inside the lid I attached some letters and distressed them with acrylic. 

The finished piece without the lid.
The finished piece with the lid.

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