Friday, November 11, 2011

Green Chutes: 14 year olds, recycled art projects and holiday art

 Green Chutes the Co-op gallery I am in will be putting up a Christmas tree and asked the artists to create an ornament for the tree and then to make multiples to put under the tree. I am not good at making duplicates of anything, so I wondered what to make...I had just ordered all these postcards with my logo on them...I also bought all these small frames at a backyard craft sale...and had no specific idea in mind for them and the idea was born. I glued a jewel on each crown  over the photo of the jewel and added a ribbon. These are priced at $7 each.

On Tuesday I volunteered to take 2 groups of 15- 14 year olds on a tour around the galleries to see how artists repurpose items into art. I then had the idea that each student should make or at least start their own recycled project. After viewing lego's made into credit card holders and old jewelry made into new jewelry, china plates and candle holders made into cake plates, maps made into purses etc. We then went upstairs and they got to come up with their own ideas with the items that were generously donated. Every one was on task and seemed quite thrilled with the whole idea.

 While I was down there I brought some winter/holiday art to display and hopefully sell.
A Walk in the Woods  collage in a decorated frame

Tin Soldier  Baubles in a painted tin

Christmas Cow

Bless This Home

Happiness Book

Mardi Gras Angel Hand painted wood body, one of the pieces of wood is the top to a hot sauce bottle, vintage button

Dali Angel made with Vintage handkerchief and fork/hand

Royal Angel Silver sugar spoon, gem and tassel

Snowman on a Sled- Wall plaque


Diane said...

These are wonderful and the best part is that they all have their own story from a past life.
....and great idea you had with the kids too--how fun!

Anonymous said...


Here are a few of my simple green activities that help children learn to respect the planet.
Thx for sharing yours.


Pam McKnight said...

thanks Diane and Neko. I was an elementary art teacher and used to do a whole recycled unit every April at school and this was one of the favorite activities all year...a great one for creative problem solving.

Dayna Collins said...

I do believe "A Walk in the Woods" is my favorite! All fun and creative.

Charlie (Forages and Finds) said...

Hi Pam thanks for your comment! I like the idea of making "assemblages", I have done things like this in the past. 'Forages & Finds' goes with the idea of simply daily discoveries, food that has been foraged at certain times of the year, and I am also really big on upcycling! The art project you saw is partly made from old floorboards!
I especially like the idea of a 'recycled unit' in schools, workshops are great fun to teach.