Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finished piece from previous post...

20" tall $55
 I wrote about the piece in my previous blog. It was inspired by the broken ornament below. I need you as my reader to help me name the piece and/or give a possible use for it. When I showed it to my husband he said it reminded him of Russia and came up with the name Cyrillic Christmas. I showed it to another friend who thought I made a bong! I thought it could work as a ring holder or candy dish. Guess it doesn't have to be anything, it just is!  Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think...I do like getting comments. :)

A possible base with stars...nah...too clunky
the piece that started it all- I'm not sure what it looked like you can see the red tip was broken, I assume it had something to hang from on that end. I snipped it off with wire cutters and it fit into the wooden candlestick holder.
detail of painting

Painted to match the top...almost finished...

A quick trip to the thrift store...I did not have the brass leg base in mind for this piece or the ceramic bowl. But when I got it back to the studio and started playing around with the pieces I saw that the bowl fit perfectly inside the base and that the piece fit perfectly on top of the base and the blue ceramic matched perfectly! If I had been searching for something specific to finish this piece, I don't think I would have found as good a match.
May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting!


Ms. Jessie said...

I think that this is beautiful! It would most def catch my eye if I saw it in a store. I dont know what to name it but I am reminded of russian decor.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Ms. Jessie! Ironic since I was going to enter this in a Gallery show for the month of December, I brought a few other pieces as well and as they were looking through the items I brought, they said "definitely, not this one!" I should have asked why.