Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Days in a Snow Globe

I love it when random things fit together. This tin fits in part of this ipod holder and this random dollhouse drawer fits in the other. My next major project is going to be a series of secret places, drawers and compartments. 

Random new cards
 My husbands new job is teaching Wilderness Medicine classes. All of them to date have been to places that you have to fly to. This last class (10 days) was in Ketchum, Idaho (Sun Valley) ...which is only a 2 1/2 hour drive from home. So I got to tag along! Such a beautiful setting. I brought my mountain bike, hiking boots and A LOT of art supplies. In previous posts I have talked about weighing my art kit down to ounces for backpacking trips and camping trips, well this time we were bringing the I took advantage and filled the truck!

I called ahead to the hotel and asked about accommodations. They are in their "slack" time right now before the holidays, so they upgraded me to a suite for NO EXTRA CHARGE! When we brought Bill's co-instructor up to the room to show him some of the items I was working on, he told me the next night that he called an artist friend of his and told them that my studio space in the hotel room was larger than her regular studio.

It seemed a lot less stressful than being at home. I got to create all day and break it up with a hike in the snow over to the one thrift store in town for inspiration and even found an office/art supply store. I was looking for a razor blade, which they don't sell and the owner gave me his box cutter at no charge. So I bought some mediums from him. Black Gesso, Gold Acrylic and Impasto.

 This was one of the items I brought with me. It was broken on one end. I had also brought along an unpainted wooden candlestick holder. I snapped off the broken end and it fit in the candle holder perfectly. I painted it to match, and set it on a round piece of wood.
 Then on one of my trips to the "Gold Mine" I found the perfect base and something to go in that base. Finished photos to follow in another blog post.

 Some boxes showing all the little bits and pieces I brought with me.

Working on projects on the hotel coffee table.

"Christmas Spoon"

view through our balcony

Works in progress

Another view through our balcony

playing around with some miscellaneous pieces...nothing solid yet.
Some ephemera for a custom piece...Chicago Cats....

The finished piece, or so I thought. Found out the cat is a male and is still alive,  so I need to remove the pink bauble and words saying "she was always happy" and remove the trumpet. So I have some more to do on this one. Finished result will be in a future blog.

Besides making art all week, I also got to do a 24 mile bike ride before the snow hit and then hiked 2- 10 miles every day. It was cold but beautiful and sunny.


rebeca trevino said...

is this the class/workshop you were telling me about? can't wait to see more of what you did . . . what fun!

Diane said...

A perfect getaway--time for art and time for recreation--perfect for me!