Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shoe Art

Shoes Tell Stories Shoe Shrine
 My other project this week was working on some art for the museum gift shop for the opening of their new exhibit, The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories. I will be touring school groups through this exhibit in the next few weeks. I think the children will really like this exhibit as there are many artist depictions of shoes, one of my favorite pair is a pair of black pumps with swimming fins on the front, these are made of paper mache, but look like rubber.

The Perfect Fit Shoe Shrine
 The three shoe shrines I created were started with 3 gold Christmas ornaments I bought last weekend at an Estate Sale, and a childrens book with a 3D character, whose feet I had to cut off for his shoes! The rest of the items I had in my stash of stuff, old jewlery, beads, a miniature ice skate, miniature cowboy boot and miniature pair of wooden shoes and a tassel.

Shoe Shrine Found Object Assemblage