Friday, April 15, 2011

Artist Journals

 This journal was made using an old library book . After decorating the cover I gessoed some of the pages to make them into new pages and other pages that contained illustrations, I saved and incorporated them into my new page by adding paint and ephemera. When I can figure out how to scan the inside of the book so it doesn't come out blurry I will share those with you.

This one was a blank spiral book, with a cover illustration I didn't care for. I collaged and stamped and drew over it. 

I have a really tiny little travel journal I take with me on trips. The rose was one of those done while traveling. Then when I got home I ripped it out and mounted it on patterned paper and glued it into one of my larger journals.

Here is a collage done in my spiral journal. If you create artists journals or like to look at them or want to get ideas or want to share your pages... click on over to Create Mixed Media, were they have started a flickr group on journals:  the open page.

I don't have journal going right now and am thinking this might be a good time to start a new one. My studio is clean (after having a house guest)  and I have lots of space to work....

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Diane said...

Love these! all and thanks so much for the link.