Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Studio Night!

L to R: Marianne, Me and Nancy.
So it's been awhile since we have had studio night and we were all missing the shared camaraderie.We got together at Marianne's house tonight as hers had air conditioning and it got up to 100 today. (We officially have A/C but so far have opted not to use it)

Nancy is working on a series of beetles, this one is looking mighty fine.
I was working on vacation collages for my scrapbook.
Marianne was working on several mixed media pieces.
This is the mess we left at her house...thanks MK for a great night!


marianne said...

thanks for coming! it was great fun!

Nancy said...

Thanks for your hospitality. It was fun seeing both of you, and Haley and Echo are always entertaining!