Saturday, July 17, 2010

Locked Doors and Secret Passages part 2

So the second story concerns China town in cousin was told by a friend that if she wanted to find designer purses for cheap to go to this one corner in china town and ask to see the "back room." We wandered around that corner of town but didn't see what she was talking about, then a Chinese woman whispered to us Chanel...Louis Vuiton...Coach?? and she motioned us to follow her. I wasn't looking for a purse, but I'm always game for an adventure. So we followed this lady around many blocks walking really fast, then she brought us to a small perfume store and said something in Chinese to the man running the store and he motioned to us to quickly follow him and he opened a false wall in the back of the store and just about pushed us in and then another little man snapped the door closed and locked it. Now I am a very claustrophobic person so I kind of freaked out just a little as we were in virtually a closet with designer purses lining the walls. Sizing up the man, I figured my cousin and I could take him if we had to! We were in there for just about 3 minutes with him yelling, hurry, police, no time, my cousin grabbed a big white Chanel purse for $60 handed him the 3 twenties and we were out the door in a flash.

I decided to google "China Town designer purse scandal" after writing this just now to see what I could find and my first hit was a story very similar to mine but explains why all the secrecy.

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rebeca trevino said...

YIKES! that's scary!
glad you made it out ok! (with bag in hand)