Monday, July 26, 2010

Golden Mirror

I have had this framed mirror for a while and I usually remember were almost everything I have came from but I do not remember where I got this mirror. The back of the mirror has a sticker that says: H. Hal Kramer Co. Chicago.

The flower and fruit charm hanging from the bottom came with it but it was very dark and the detail did not show up so I rubbed some gold rubn'buff on it and the details just popped.

I decided to stick with a golden theme and have used a brooch that was my grandma's and another one that my friend Nancy got at The Box in The Basement - a cool store on 8th St. in Boise. We went to their grand opening and they gave out boxes with recycled wonders in them to be re-used or given away. It was a very cool idea.

I have also used African Beads that I traded a woman for at Art & Soul. And Misc. buttons from my sister in law Doris. And a part from a broken necklace.

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