Friday, May 7, 2010

Modern 2010 recap

It was a cool but beautiful sunny afternoon at the Modern Hotel in Boise Idaho.
The table was set and the fun was about to begin and would last until well after dark.

It was a fabulous night, I don't know the official count but I would say in the thousands. In case you haven't heard of this event, the motel rents out every room to an artist on the first Thursday of May. It is a juried process. Then every room is open to the public to come see what it is they do from performance art to mini galleries.
Molly's was one of my favorite rooms. The theme was Oregon Tidal pools - photos on the walls and she created tidal pools out of clay in the sink, shower and even the toilet.
This is a shot of just how crazy crowded it can get. This was our room 227.
One of the 5 Exquisite Corpse/collaboration pieces we all worked on.
We removed the towels from the shelves in the bathroom and Kevin displayed his pottery.
The headboard displays some of my assemblages and the bed holds
Kevin's pottery and Mariannes prints and my cards.
Kay Seurat and Friends had the Elvis Wedding Chapel.
The mime points the way to ...

The tub is transformed into a work space for making artist trading cards.
My assemblage displayed in the living room.

Finished collaboration piece made by members of the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance.

The 4 of us...Marianne, Pam, Kevin and Zella.
See you next year!


marianne said...

it was a great evening! nice photos- you captured the flavor well.

Pam McKnight said...

thanks Marianne, and have a great vacation- you deserve it!