Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lending Library

"Never lend books-nobody ever returns them;
the only books I have in my library are those which people have lent me. "
Anatole France

Last night I went over to my friend Nancy's house for our Tuesday "Studio Night" We have missed Marianne our other "regular" as she has been out of town or busy the last 2 weeks. This newest addition to my "ABC's" of Every Little Thing, I finished while at her house. These are the book spines I bought from Aimee (Beach Chicken) a month ago.

The quote I cut from a book (audible gasp) instead of copying it. I don't know why , just more waste of paper...(I made sure I read what was on the back of it first) and the book was printed on better quality paper than the cheap computer crap paper.

About the is humorous and I try to keep my art lighthearted and (2) it is partly true... I hardly ever buy full price hard back books but I have bought one, once or twice in my life and if I paid that much for it, it must be one that I want to keep and then I lent it to a co-worker I thought would appreciate it and then for 2 years heard " Oh I've been meaning to give you back that book" then he switched jobs...and never heard from him again...oh well...lesson learned.

I added my little 3-D embellishments, finding things that would go with each book title. The wooden base/frame was found at the bins. The whole thing was "antiqued" with alcohol based inks that I bought locally and then rubbed on the wood and embellishments.


marianne said...

i have missed you 2 too! and remind me to give you margaret atwood this weekend-

Moondoonie said...

Love the quote & the pics of the books. Books never go out of style!