Friday, January 29, 2010


A term coined to describe the creation of a product with higher intrinsic value, manufactured from a material at the end of its service life, which had a lower initial end use value.

I had heard this term before but wasn't sure of it's exact meaning, so I looked it up today at

and saw that that is exactly what I am doing as I am purchasing or using things that people no longer want or have a purpose for because it is outdated, or broken or missing parts and by combining it with other items I am turning it into a piece of art, hopefully making something new that someone can relate to and want in their life.

The "Kiss of an Angel" Jewelry Box was a joint effort between my daughter and I. She purchased a plain old used boring brown jewelry box at a thrift store, then painted it white and distressed it and added some crocheted doilies. I made the top out of leftover "greenery" a metal candlestick holder and an angel that looked as though it was missing it's kissing cousin...and antiqued it with acrylic paint. All of this was then attached to the top of the jewelry box.

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