Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ducks in a Drawer

In keeping with my theme of double alliteration...

I bought this jewelry box drawer at the "bins" a warehouse filled with bins of leftover garage sale type items that can't be sold at a regular thrift store. The bins are just stuffed with everything imaginable including lots of broken glass. I find it so sad that things are just thrown in all together in a huge jumbled mess and not more organized. This is kind of like last stop shopping before the city dump. After you collect your items they are put on a scale and you pay 50 cents a pound. I don't think I have ever paid over $2.

Once I found a bunch of cool things to use in my assemblages but the line was really long so I just put the stuff down and left and now every so often, I think of one of those items and try to find it in my studio and how perfect it would be for a current project and then it dawns on me. oh shoot, I didn't buy that because of my aversion to waiting in a line!

I will do anything to avoid waiting in a line.
One time I was at a JoAnnes or Michaels in Dallas and was in line and I heard a woman in a loud voice on her cell phone talking about the rude person that cut in front of her and all of a sudden it dawned on me that she was talking about me! The thing was I am always very polite and I did not cut her off but because I got there before she did, (they had just opened a new lane) she had to call her friend and vent! (She had a full cart and I had one item)

So anyway...I have this drawer and think, what can I do with it...ahh yes....ducks....but now the name reminds me of that Justin Timblerlake/ SNL skit. a box. and I laugh and blush every time.

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