Friday, November 20, 2009

Yeah for a working internet connection!

Good bye and best wishes CLEAR, formally Clearwire...piece of crap, hello Cable One my new sweetheart.:)

Anyway back to the artistic alphabet:

"N" is for Nest.

How I came up with the Idea:
1. I received this charm with the word "nest" on it at Art and Soul.
2. I already had the nest and eggs and a bird.
3. Also had this candle holder and put it all together!

"A" is for Angel.

How I came up with the Idea:
1. I had bought this porcelain doll head because it came in a package with the hands that I needed to purchase for a class.
2. I heard someone mention that they used to put angel wings on everything they did.
3. I found this block with a A on it and voila!