Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nancy's Nightmare

When Nancy and I signed up for Art and Soul we received long lists of things to find for our classes. One of the things to find for Michael DeMeng's class was "eyes." I have lots of doll's saved from when my girls were little but I couldn't bring myself to cut or tear out their eyes. Nancy went to several thrift stores and finally found some appropriate eyes on a cute little baby doll. When she went up to the counter to purchase it the lady said "awh, how cute! who are you buying it for?" and Nancy being in a foul mood anyway said, " I'm not giving it to anyone, I am going to cut it's eyes out with an exacto knife." The lady looked grief stricken and gave her her purchase.

After we came back from Portland, I found this picture of a doll factory were they are presumably putting the dolls eyes in their heads and I immediately thought of Nancy and her story. The metal base was purchased at The Reuseum, unique finds from the worlds of science, industry and government surplus. The hole in the center of this metal base has an "eye" suspended behind an old camera lens.


peggy gatto said...

Eye love what you created!
I love michael's creativity and have taken every class I can from him!
Looks like you had fun too!!

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Peggy! Have you gone to Oaxaca with Michael? I would love to go next year.

marianne said...


Nancy Panganiban said...

Looks great, Pam! I even like the story about my psychotic episode!