Thursday, June 9, 2016


A few weeks ago my husband and I watched a movie called Room about a young boy who spends the first six years of his life confined in a room with his mother.  After the boy and his mother break free of their confines life is both incredibly exciting and rich but also overwhelming.  They refer to life in captivity as Room and life outside of that as World.  I sometimes feel this way transitioning back and forth from months in our travel trailer to our home in Boise. Life is so simple most of the time in the trailer, and while it is exciting to return to all of the more complex and varied life of home, it is also a bit overwhelming.  First World Problem... right.

I am excited to escape the heat of Boise summer and discover some new and beautiful places in Room (the latest nickname for our trailer), but I have been busy for the last couple of months in World.  I started a women's mountain biking group, had my art accepted for a Ketchum ID utility box, entered three works in a call for artists in Seattle, submitted three works to the 2017 Boise Art Museum Triennial, submitted three works to be considered for the Boise Weekly cover and sold three pieces of original art to a local office.  So while it's sometimes a bit disorienting to go from Room to World and then back again, I am grateful that both places are good ones.

WoWoW (Women on Wheels on Weekdays)

Sneak Peak of the Utility Box in Ketchum

Three water related pieces of art in my studio

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