Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boise Open Studio Weekend 2015

Art by Nancy Panganiban
For the past several years I have either shared my studio space with artists Nancy Panganiban and Geoff Everts or they have shared theirs with me for the Boise Open Studio Weekend. It's nice to have company and share the experience with good friends.

This weekend was the best and the worst.

Art by Geoffrey C. Everts

Art by Pam McKnight

Sold my art collage wheel!  Lots of great memories in this one!
It was the best weekend yet as far as weather (beautiful temps and no rain) best as far as number of visitors (251) and best as far as sales.

My studio space all cleaned up
Temporary Garage Gallery with all three artists' represented

Allen Stovall representing Geoff
Why was it the worst? My friend Geoff was not able to be present due to advanced stomach cancer. While Geoff was a private person and preferred to limit those knowing about his illness to family and a few close friends, he was surrounded by loved ones during his treatment.

In his final days Geoff curated the work shown at the 2015 BOSCO event. His friend and former colleague from Disney Studios, Allen Stovall did such an excellent job of greeting guests and representing Geoff.  Many guests marveled at Geoff's creativity and talent on such a beautiful weekend.

A piece we commissioned from Geoff  8/2015
Tuesday Geoff passed quietly in his sleep. Rest in peace my friend.  


Hill Street Studios said...

I only met Geoff once, I think, a couple of years ago at your studio for a BOSCO event. Hung out and talked art. Blessings to Geoff and all who love him, and wishes for peace, comfort, courage, and good memories for those he's left behind.

Boiseartist said...

Thanks for your kind words Betty, I will pass them on.