Monday, July 7, 2014

A BMX Assemblage

I got a message the other day asking if I would be interested in creating one of my original bike collages as a gift for a BMX racer in Texas. Of course I said yes.
First I looked up Anna Johnson whom at age 13 has made a name for herself as a National BMX Champion, has her own website and has already been racing for 7 years! I cut out a few pictures of her racing along with logos of her sponsor.
Then I took a bicycle chain and printed it with ink on paper to make a pattern and found other words and ephemera to complete the background.

I found an old rustic frame and used bike parts to make it 3D.

The last step is 2 pour 2 part resin over the whole piece and then lay the pieces in the resin. I changed up the chain to make a heart around the 3 cyclists near the center.

I hope she likes it. This is a thank you gift from her art teacher for being a great art assistant. 

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