Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Artistic Collaboration- Three Modern Muses

Three Modern Muses
12" x 12" 

 The Treasure Valley Artist Alliance put out a call to artists for their upcoming show:
"Four Eyes: An Optical Collusion."
Creating opportunities for collaboration is the heart of the TVAA mission. In order to highlight that vision their 13th exhibition will feature collaborations between TVAA members.

 I have entered EVERY show since the beginning of TVAA. The call for this show came out while I was traveling, and I was not about to let that stop me. When I got back in town I asked a couple of my friends and they were already committed. Not wanting to give up, I asked a couple more and found two very talented women to say YES!

Now for the idea, we only had two weeks left and it was hard coming up with a time that we could all meet...jury duty...elderly parents...etc. I came up with two concepts and we settled on the idea of each of us creating a self-portrait in the style of Picasso. I would collect them, mount them and register the three of us.  We met the deadline and were accepted!

I feel honored that my artist collaborators are Jaki Katz Ashford and Lauren T. Kistner.
 Jaki came up with the title: Three Modern Muses, which we all loved.

Three Modern Muses12" x 12"
L to R
Pam with her mountain biking necklace
Lauren with one of her chickens
Jaki with her braided hair and oil paintbrush

The opening will be June 6, 2014 from 5-8 pm
 Boise State Radio
200 E. Park Center
Boise, ID
 the show continues during regular business hours until August 7, 2014


Rebeca Trevino said...

Nicely done! Congratulations to all of you.
what is interesting is that the 'picasso' style of the finished pieces (three modern muses) are so different from the work the 3 of you typically do.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Rebeca, interesting observation.