Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Repurposed Art Journal

I have been making artist journals since 1995. I try not to buy anything new, but reuse and repurpose what I already have. Well my journal for 2013 is all filled.

So I was looking through my books and sketchbooks to see what I could use for this year. I came across this one that was my daughters that she had given me to store or throw out or whatever. Well I'm going to use it for whatever... Voila, My new 2014 art journal! 
I started by cutting up a shopping bag and glueing it on handles and all. I used a credit card to smooth out the glue. 

Some pages of the book was used for random drawings, some I am keeping, others I'm just working over. 

Here is a page where she has counted out all of her halloween candy and added up the different types. (and I thought she was in there just gobbling them up!)

It will be fun coming across her random things as I go through the year. This is way better than throwing it away. 

I collaged and painted over the shopping bag and even added a bow. Last night I had the privilege of getting together with some artist friends and finished the first two page spreads. Marianne, I left your little doodle on the cover! 

The first 2 page spread is all about the new trailer we just bought and look forward to taking out this year on many adventures. 

The next 2 page spread is my first adventure of the year going cross country skiing in Oregon. (not with the trailer) 
I'll have fun sharing this with you through out the new year!


becky said...

this is a great idea with the handles on love it and i love the pictures and wriiten things your daughter has added i would leave them in and just art in the empty spaces

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Becky! Yes, I will leave most off her musings and post them as well as I come upon them..

Rebeca Trevino said...

love the idea of using a shopping bag for the handles!

hope your 2014 is "the year of your dreams"!