Monday, November 25, 2013

Accidental Angel

 This assemblage started with this piece of rusted wire I found along with some old rusted metal in the backcountry in Nevada. I did not do anything to the wire, to me it looked like an angel the way it was twisted. This wire "angel" has been hanging in my studio for well over a year. I could never figure out what to do with it.

 Then my friend Lisa sent me a box full of found objects for my art. and this wire piece with the crystal in it seems perfect to hang from the angel as a body. The wire that wrapped around the crystal was a new silver color, so I took it apart and painted it with red and green alcohol inks to dull it down. I then glued an antique button to a vintage round wood piece and glued the wire to that.
When I took it back to my studio after photographing it, I noticed this round piece of wood on my table. The colors of wood were too similar and it all blended together and then I remembered this handmaid doily of my grandmothers that I put between the layers and this seemed to be the missing piece! Before glueing it together I cut a whole in the center of the doily so it would glue more securely and not pull the fabric from the wood.

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