Monday, October 14, 2013

Grown in Idaho

 This piece was started with covering an existing thick layer of paint on the 5" x 7" board with joint compound. Joint compound seems to me to react very similarly to plaster when dry and is easier to use as it comes pre-mixed. While it was wet I cut and pressed a potato sack and label to it. When it was dry I painted and carved a potato into it. It sat around for awhile like this until I could figure out what to add.

I had some old toy wagon wheels. The one on the left shows what they looked like, the one on the right was painted with black gesso and then the brown acrylic.

I really wanted a sack of miniature potatoes but could not find one. I did find this potato shaped rock in my stash and the same week I found the miniature hat and rope and bandana at a reuse store. Perfect! This piece fits inside a shadow box with glass and measures 5" x 7"

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