Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crafting for Inspiration

While perusing Pinterest for ideas and generally procrastinating from things I need to do in general I found this website that posted a really pretty wreath. 

Now I don't make wreaths but I do like them for my door. I have one wreath I got at a garage sale that I use year round but it is really more for the fall with pears and berries and such on it. This one I saw was very springy. I love the colors, and since it doesn't require silk flowers or wire or such and I can just re use things I already have and since I am still procrastinating from other more important things...heck I might as well try my hand at it. There were no instructions- which was even better. In fact I couldn't even tell what it was made of. But I had just put out the recycling and I knew there was an empty egg carton sitting out there and I hadn't heard the truck I ran out to the curb and dug through the big blue recycling bin and voila!

One carton wasn't enough, so I went into the fridge and took all the eggs out of another carton and  put them in a bowl. I cut the flowers and the petals from the cardboard and found some scrap of cardboard to cut into a circle.

 The fun part was painting all the pretty colors. My hands were as colorful as these. I glued the whole thing together with Elmers since I was going to sleep and knew I wouldn't be touching it until morning.

This morning I got out the glue gun cause I was too impatient to let any other type of glue dry. I used some buttons, beads, dried flowers,  and scrapbook embellishments to finish off the center of each flower and voila! I like my wreath.

Even though it's below freezing here this morning at least my door looks ready for spring!


Gina L. said...

Love it! So springy!

emily said...

I have this pinned to try with the kiddies. Love it!

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Gina and Emily. Happy Spring!