Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Ephemera Central"

 Nancy, Geoff and I had 77 visitors to our open studio this weekend. Most seemed to be artists looking for ideas for their own studios or students that were out interviewing artists for a school assignment.  I had a woman who had taken a class from me come by and another woman that had purchased a piece of art from me from one of the TVAA shows and wanted to see where I had created it.  A few friends came by which is always nice, and one bought a piece of my art for his new home.  A few people had seen my art at Green Chutes and were curious as to how I kept all my little pieces organized. One gentleman called my studio "Ephemera Central" and another said it was a room of Organized Clutter. 
There was some interest in possible commissions and in me teaching another we will see.

The entrance is flanked by Nancy and Geoff's doors that were on display at the museum last week. 

Geoff Everts working on Bas Relief in clay.

Nancy Panganiban creating one of a kind paper mache sea creatures.

That's me working on some projects. I finished 3 and started 2 others.

T Assemblage- lot's of fun looking for this that start with the letter T: tiger, turtle, turkey, tree, trumpet,  Terriff's Toilet Soap. 
A friend from TX saw some of my bike art on FaceBook and wanted me to make her one. I finished this piece up and will mail it this week. She was thrilled.

The start of a new bike piece.

The start of a piece with a movie theme in a film real canister. 
My daughter and I  worked on several different versions of an ofrenda for the Dia De Los Muertos Exhibit  which will be held at the Idaho Historical Museum this November. This is not the final version. (another blog post for that one.) My daughter is involved in this project as she will be the installer of the piece at the museum.

All in all it was a very nice weekend, the weather cooperated beautifully. It was nice having friends over and it was nice having my daughter and her pug, Ray Charles spend the weekend with me. (and yes he is blind)

This week will be studio night at Marianne's and then it is off to Texas to teach my sip n paint class at the Texas Chocolate and Wine Festival. 


Rebeca Trevino said...

congratulations Pam! what a busy, productive and fun weekend you had.
love the new 'letter T"piece you are working on. is that in a box or a frame thing? can't wait to see more.

have fun in texas!

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks for stopping by Rebeca. It is a stand alone piece or can hang on the wall. No frame or box just on a piece of wood.