Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Painting Class

I am considering teaching one of those step by step painting classes where you complete a painting in an hour or two. So yesterday I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of brushes, acrylic paint and 11 x 14 stretched canvas.  Tonight after dinner at my sisters house it was decided that I would do a practice class. I thought it would be just my sisters that would want to participate but everyone wanted in on it! I had 7 students. From my 5 year old niece and 11 and 17 year old nephews, to my sisters and brother-in-law to my 76 year old mother! We set up a large folding table, chairs, paper towels, paints, water cups, plates for palettes and a still life. We started with the table line and went from there. It took an hour and 10 minutes. not including set up or clean up. All went well and fun was had by all!

Faith can't wait to get started!

sketching with paint



I liked my sister Leslie's even better than my own!
Guess which one the 17 year did.


Dana said...

It was a lot of fun! Thanks Pam!!!!
Love, Dana

Wade Quick said...

That is the spirit, sharing the love of art with others.

Pam McKnight said...

Glad you liked it Dana. Thanks Wade.

Rebeca Trevino said...

what a fun thing to do!
everyone's painting turned out great!

emily said...

How fun!!