Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I was there!

I just think this is so cool... It was the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate bridge this past weekend. Now, I had NO Idea, (but that's not was cool) what was cool was that my husband was working in SF this same weekend and I went along with him just to hang out AND he just happened to be working under the bridge by the festivities, but completely unrelated to the party (he had no idea either, which wasn't so great for him as parking etc. created quite the stress)
They had a mobile bike shop set up for any problems people might have as no cars were allowed in the area.

some of the entertainment

art cars

The crowds started to arrive later in the day as the sun came out.

Cars from the 30's when the bridge first opened

A very moving visual symbol of the shoes of people who have jumped from the bridge.

I listened as one mother spoke about her son. Someone asked "How do you know for sure he jumped, and is just not a missing person?" and she said because there was video and the police told me they saw him and he looked like a jumper- they drove by and saw him once and then as they circled back saw him again and then on the third drive by he was gone. "why didn't they stop?" one asked. The coroner who was also present,  answered, we don't know why.

Fort Point (1853) was the site of "International Orange" A site specific installation of 16 artists responding to the Golden Gate Bridge at 75.
Leaving the festivities I walked all the way back to the hotel via the coastline.
I just loved these homes along the harbor.


Rebeca Trevino said...

pam! what a thrill! you WERE there!
it is a pretty amazing bridge, isn't it? it takes my breath away, everytime i drive a cross it.

glad you got a chance to experience it.

Anonymous said...

love the shoes memorial... it is interesting how many people still 'get away with' jumping off the GGB... you'd think by now it wouldn't happen as much. there is actually somewhat of an urban legend that sez 90% of the people who jump jump towards the city side.. as opposed to the ocean side... i know, weird tidbit. glad you posted because i completed avoided the whole shebang and went to the movies... yona

peggy gatto said...

Next time you come to SF, call me!!!
How fortunate for you to celebrate too!
On the 50th anniversary my family took our boat in the bay and watched the activities. The bridge was actually bending with the weight of all the walkers!!!

marianne said...

thanks for sharing- great flavor of how it was to be there, and the shoes are indeed moving.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks for the comments Rebeca, Yona, Peggy and Marianne.