Monday, March 26, 2012

Is the Business Card Dead?

Artfest starts in 2 days yet I had to pack for it 2 weeks ago as I am accompanying my husband on a business trip prior to the event. It dawned on me the other day, that I had not brought any business cards. I thought briefly of going to a kinko's or someplace and get some generic cards made up but I didn't really want to spend the money to have some un-artistic cards made on the fly.

As I was walking around town, I found these stickers on sale...I bought a couple packs as I remembered I had brought some playing cards and thought I could stick them on the cards and make my own business cards but then that looked kinda cheesy.

so instead, I wrote my info on the back of the cards. and then treated the front as an ATC. (Artist Trading Card)

I had also brought a couple pages from an old book. I just cut out interesting parts of sentences...

along with cutting up some of my ephemera that I brought for art fest.

 ...and made up 30 individualized ATC/business cards....

they are random, kind of like fortune cookies....

 I would much rather receive one of these rather than a generic business card.

The next morning I opened the paper and here was one of the articles! It was saying how this next generation has a much more casual approach in general and how they are averse to paper and more digitally oriented and if they do get a business card it usually winds up in the trash or a big shoebox.

Business cards seem to be going the way of books, newspapers, video stores, etc. Kids can now "bump" their phones together to get each others contact information. 

I embrace technology, ie my blog...
yet I am of the previous generation...sigh...I still love paper.

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peggy gatto said...

these are the best, really a good idea and fun, tank you!