Saturday, February 4, 2012

Joint Compound 2

untitled 12" x 12" mixed media
 Here's another project I completed this week using joint compound. The square background is a metal tin piece from the thrift store and the rectangle in the middle is a very thick piece of water color paper with a layer of joint compound spread on it, a tree transfer from a book using gel medium, sketch of some flowers scratching into the surface and some leaves cut from hand-made paper.

 This photo shows an earlier stage of the piece and how I added joint compound around the edges to make the tin look it was emerging from an old wall. I used a lot of very thick adhesive under the watercolor paper, put a sheet of wax paper over it and stacked books on top to weight it down over night as the paper wanted to buckle. This technique worked very well. It dried nice and flat.

I needed something to tie the water color piece to the background and found this embossed sheet of paper which I cut out pieces of it and glued it and painted it around some of the edges as seen below.
Then I added some 3D berries

and last I added beads of metallic paint along the edges of the watercolor paper to further blend it to the background.

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