Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year...A New Series

The new packages of baby wipes I noticed have these cool little doors that can be one day...the weird person that I am, I cut off the hinged door and started playing around with it. I covered one with modeling paste and added paint.

I started seeing what they might fit on and how they could be used. I started with two used canvases from a thrift store with paintings on the front. I covered the backs with modeling paste for texture and fit the doors over the openings.
My First piece has a mountain climber theme as my husband wants to get back into doing more climbing this year.
This one I call "Alpine Adventures" It is covered in modeling paste with layers of paint and small pebbles. I drew an ice axe on the front of the door. The dots around the edges is metallic fabric paint. available for $50

The top of the piece is a collage of Patagonia peaks tempered with acrylic paint.

The inside holds a small test tube of rocks and a rock climber on belay. The inside lid is a collage of some mountain peaks and a compass.   

This side contains a collage of mountaineers with a piece of real granite.

This side has accessory cord tied in a climbers butterfly coil.
My second piece was the theme of "Under The Sea" or a "Pirates Booty" This one is based on my childhood memories of Disney Land and the "Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Ride"which I loved.

This side has jewels, blue sea glass and a green sword.

The entire front was covered in modeling paste, black paint and then blue interference paint. Then all kinds of jewels and bead's and jewelry and the text "do your own dirty work" This piece is available for $50

The inside opening contains a drawer filled with shells and jewels.

The top has more jewels.
A view of the front with the baby wipe "door" open. In the center is the drawer full of more treasure.

This side is covered with more jewels, glitter and a game piece with the word "water."
Stay tuned for more fun pieces in this series....


rebeca trevino said...

congrats Pam! these are great. i love the first piece (with the hinged door - very kool re-use of materials!)
can't wait to see more.

Diane said...

Wow-I love these,and also how you recycled--who would have thought to do this--very creative (and you're also showing us not to throw anything away :)
(that could be a problem for me :)

Lisa MB said...

I noticed the "door" on baby wipes too, and used it in an earlier piece. But I think your treatment works better. More ideas in the works now...

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Happy New Year, bit late!! Love these works. I'm on mannequins, I just sold one yippee.

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