Saturday, December 31, 2011

Art from the land of no skiing yet.

I went to Marianne's for studio night on Tues. Nancy and I worked on tins for the Tinstalation at Art Source Gallery for First Thursday coming up next week. This is a fund raiser for three different arts organizations. BOSCO the open studios collective, TRICA, a childrens art school, and Art Source Gallery.
 Marianne cutting something to add to her art.

Nancy is working on some intricate details

A painting I had started many moons ago...I added some bright colors and some texture...
I am then going to collage the whole thing with the new approach spoken of by Jonathan Talbot in his book Collage without Liquid Adhesives. I heard Jonathan speak at a National Art Education conference also many moons ago and even bought the book and stood in line to have him autograph it and then never tried the technique! Not sure what got me thinking about it but I dug out the book, bought the medium he suggests and santa brought me an iron.
He recommends Golden Polymer Medium (Gloss) #03510

You apply the medium to every piece of paper you might use in your collage. On one side, let dry and then on the other side.

One idea in the book was to hang them to dry. This didn't work for me as they got stuck to the clothespins. Maybe another project would be to apply Teflon to the clothespins. Subsequent sheets of paper I just layed down to dry and that worked fine.

After both sides of paper have been coated, as well as the substrate (the canvas in this instance) you layer your papers and iron them down. If its not a hard surface like a board, you need to put something under it so it doesn't move. I put a book under the painting. He also suggests release paper between the iron and paper. I used some Teflon cooking stuff I had and that seemed to work, other than you can't see through it.
This is what I have so far...not done yet but virtually no wrinkling of papers.
My third project this week was to work on some "Mail Art." this was the forerunner to the Artist Trading Cards and I thought that is was a virtually dead art form until I ran across 2 calls for mail art last month. If published I get a free magazine from Stampington and Co. and a free subscription to Mountain Gazette.
And last but not least I must have dragged my sleeve in some acrylic and then got it all over the front of my shirt, didn't see it until it was dry. I have an idea for it'll see it in the next blog entry, next year!

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Seth said...

What a creative burst of energy at year's end. Thanks for sharing Talbot's method. Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative 2012.