Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boise Open Studios (BOSCO) preview at Boise Art Museum (BAM)

 What a fun time! The Boise Art Museum held the opening for our Boise Open Studio Event (BOSCO) this evening. Rick Friesen and myself were chosen as the 2D and 3D working artists for the evening. Rick drew portraits of people and I worked on 3 separate projects. I told people I got way more done in 3 hours at the museum than I get done at home, cause there are not distractions like a computer or a husband.

 Lots of friends stopped by to say hi. Pictured above are Marianne and Nancy both BOSCO members who will also be on the tour of open studios.

 The first of three projects. The thought and gathering of materials is what took up all of the time prior to the event. #1 you have to have an idea and #2 you have to bring everything you will need to complete the project away from your studio. So basically I created 3 "kits" to then put together at the museum.

This one consisted of a painting on canvas I had used 5 years ago at Highland Park Elementary School when I was teaching a unit on Georgia O'Keefe. I then collected emphemera related to flowers and a pink and green color scheme. 3-D objects include a thrift store gazebo, Mulan doll from McDonalds from years ago, a small bird from the Catholic rummage sale in TX.

I did not finish this one but got a good start. Now I need to find a second hand frame for it.

 With hunting season approaching, my second project was this cool intricate wood cut of deer and birds. I painted it all and added the game pieces that spell dad, the rifle (again from the $2 bag from the Catholic rummage sale) the deer and chair. Inside the chair I put a very small photo of a fisherman on a lake in the mountains. I still have a little more to do this one as well.

 This one I think is finished. A cool mirror from the thrift store covered in jewelry given to me by my sister and a friend.

Now to clean up the mess I made in the studio earlier today when I pulled everything out!

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