Monday, August 15, 2011

What happened to using up all the stuff I already have?

I spent this last weekend in Twin Falls Idaho while my husband attended a National Ski Patrol meeting. I was going to stay home and work on some art projects but when he asked if I wanted to come along, that one of his buddies wives was going and was looking for someone to go to garage sales and thrift shops, I couldn't pass that one up!

This pile of "stuff" is from my friend Marsha who had an art business that is no more. She had a sale where you could fill a bag for $10. I stuffed mine with so much stuff, I gave her $15! Now my husband is threatening to call hoarders, so I better use it up.  Which I will since I have a lot of shows coming up, so no more shopping for now...just playing with it all and creating some new objects 'd art!


Diane said...

Oh wow--you struck gold!

Chris said...

Interesting blog Pam. I look forward to spending more time here. Have a wonderful day.