Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wide World of Wine

8" x 10" Collage on Canvas Board.
A year or so ago I learned the trick of pouring boiling water in a wine bottle to let the glue release from the glass and pull off easily. Well sometimes it is easy and other times not so much, a few burnt fingers, a few torn labels later... I did manage to collect a few.

When I was visiting my daughter in France last winter her host family had me over for dinner and what a dinner it was. More like a 6 hour, 4 course feast! Well, I mentioned to the host mom that I would like to have the wine label and she graciously excused herself. Later I felt so guilty as she came back to the table with an ironed! label in perfect condition in a plastic sleeve!  Well as you may well have guessed I have used it in this collage. I also glued on a bunch of grapes in the upper right hand corner and added wine corks to the frame.

I added a quote that I was saving but unfortunately I can't give credit to as I have no idea where it came from... as I have shared many a glass of wine with good friends, and wine is always better when shared... "You and your friends share wonderful memories that need to be celebrated and shared. Whatever you do, don't fold them up, put them away, and let them gather dust. Break them out often. Let those memories shower your heart with assurance, release your soul with laughter, and bring tears to your eyes." 

Here's to all my good girlfriends!! Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!