Saturday, June 25, 2011

The letter N, as in MarianNe

The Booty I returned home with last night.
Last night I got the creative boost I have been lacking in these past couple weeks. I went over to my friend Marianne's for a girls get together.  I haven't been able to do studio night in awhile, so this was great. It wasn't an art night per se, but I did get some inspiration and a small project to do that I completed today.

 Marianne's dad made her these cut out letters that spell her name to put in her new studio. She wanted each one to be decorated by a friend. She received the first one back from an out of town friend, which she posted on FB.  I had told her 6 months ago I would do one but kept forgetting, so last night I took one before they were all spoken for. The beautiful pattern under the wooden N is my used cocktail napkin that I saved for the project. :) I know I'm going to hear..."if I had known you wanted one,  I would have given you a clean one." but then it wouldn't really be my kind of art would it?

This wonderful treasure box was given to me by Carolyn, one of Marianne's friends that came over last night!

Here is my finished letter "N" which I will give to Marianne on Tuesday. I included parts of the napkin,  a piece from the old jewelry collection, as well as letter N things from my alphabet file.


marianne said...

i LOVE it! thanks!

rebeca trevino said...

very sweet!
i hope we get to see the WHOLE thing when Marianne gets all her letters.

Diane said...

Oh--I love it!! And I am drooling over that jewelry--and yes, I hope we can see the completed name.