Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working Studio

 Here is my studio with everything open and in use, not cleaned up and perfect. I use shoe storage boxes in the closet, labeled with things such as glue, silk flowers, tools, tape, pencils, small assemblage stuff, broken jewelry, and notepads.

Hanging on the back of the door is a shoe holder, the pockets contain things such as rulers, scissors, jars of gesso, glue gun, heat gun etc.

I love my old desk, it has been repainted many times, but I am pretty sure I am keeping it this way for a long time. The bottom 1/2 is a collage of my life.

 Here is my main work table. I work on multiple projects at a time and seem to only clean it up and put everything away when I am finished with all the works in progress. By the time I am done I am usually working on top of the piles or in 1" of clean space! I am so lucky to have a space that I can just leave everything and come back to it. (Except when we have guests and yes this is the guest room)

Here is my lovely fireplace and space heater. I use the bins to store the art pieces that I bring to shows. On the side of the house was an old dog run which we enclosed and now use for storage, it is lined with shelves that these boxes fit on. I have a show this coming Thurs. so I better finish everything up and get it in those boxes! To the left of the blue bins is a a cart with 8 drawers that I bought on clearance at Jo Anne's...I think it was regularly $79 and I got it for 19.99 because the bottom drawer is hard to open. What a deal! as you can see I'm not closing them anyway!

 Behind the door to the room fits my wonderful little black shelf that hold many of my miniatures. I use the coat rack on the back of the door for necklaces that can be cut up and used in art as well as aprons. (which I never seem to use)

The back wall with all the cubbies of "stuff" and collections.  My inspiration wall. Another question posed was "do you like working with music, tv or quiet?" Really all 3 work for me, depending on my mood, what's on etc. 

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Ricë said...

So cool to see your space! I love it~~

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Ricë!