Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

So now we are not only having Girls Night Out but Girls Weekend out. Got to spend a lovely 2 days, 2 hours out of town, hiking, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing with several of my friends at Marianne's place. I am a light packer, hard to believe but with so many winter sports, it's hard to pack light. I love the colors in this photo. (No retouching)

Even though it looks cold, we were skiing sans jackets yesterday afternoon. Apres skiing we got to listen to live music at two different venues downtown, now mind you this is a town of only 300 and the place was packed!

Came back to town a early this afternoon to temps in the 60's, noticed my Weeping Pussy Willow tree is starting to bud. Winter is far from over but it sure feels like spring.

Spent the afternoon organizing the studio. Not the funnest activity but I was starting to trip over things and you couldn't sit on the couch from all the stuff stacked up on it!

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marianne said...

it was a great weekend! thanks for coming along-