Thursday, February 10, 2011

Studio Night at MK's

Echo came by to say hi. Marianne and Nancy being nice and making him feel welcome.
The non-dog lover is taking the picture. :)

Tomato photo I took on the kitchen counter and then used iphone photo shop.

Playing with the pieces and the layout. The postcard is what started this piece.
It is from 1907 and says" Come over and you can have a fine ripe tomato..."

Finished piece with background collaged with tissue paper and transparent acrylic washes.
This collage/assemblage is on a lumber scrap. The pitch fork is from a thrift store in Virginia and the ceramic garden fork sign is either from Idaho Youth Ranch or a garage sale.
The pitch fork, postcard, (from Terra Haute Indiana) and sign
are hanging on nails and are removable.
The little tomato's in the top left corner are buttons that I "antiqued" with acrylic paint.

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