Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine for Aids

I was invited to participate in the 18th Annual Valentine for Aids Silent Art Acution held Feb. 3-13, 2011 at the Flying M Coffeehouse in Downtown Boise. This is a benefit for SNAP, Safety Net for Aids Program. So what might the above items have to do with this, you might ask?

I created my piece out of a yellow block of wood leftover from a pergola, two small white plastic boxes from an order of business cards, a clay pin with beads from a garage sale, the inside of a dental floss container and a switch and gauge given to me by my friend Nancy, which I think she got at the Reusium. And the book was used for ideas on Electrical drawing.

I painted all with gesso and then planned the layout. The papers are candy wrappers and the envelope from the invitation.

I looked up electrical stuff in the Mechanical Drawing book and drew some symbols around the edges.

side view

These are the products I used. Gel medium to glue down the papers. Pickling gel to wash over the entire piece. Glitter/glue on the light switch. Alcohol ink to cover the metal on the light switch plate.
Finished piece: LOVE, you turn me on

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Anonymous said...

Cute Pam, Let me know what it brings at the silent auction!
Wish I was up there I would go.