Thursday, July 15, 2010


Warning: this might be creepy to some of you.

Dad never did get to visit Idaho before his passing. I know he would have loved it. I always wanted to take him to Idaho City, where an old west shootout still happens on Friday nights.

Well, a part of dad is now in Idaho as each of his children was given some ashes. I wanted to keep them in a way that would help me remember him, so I transformed this 3" vase into a little urn, and sealed it with a cork, glue and then wax. The cork has the word liberty as dad believed deeply in personal freedom from government intrusion. There are 2 pistols on top of the cork as he was a member of the NRA and felt strongly about his 2nd amendment rights. There is a cuff link from when he was a national champion race car driver. Finally there is Texas, his adopted home which he loved, and the cross to represent his faith. May he rest in peace here in Idaho.


marianne said...

it think it's a nice testimony, done with love-

Pam McKnight said...

thank you Marianne

Selina said...

What a great remberence Pam, I love the way you pulled it all together.

Pam McKnight said...

thanks Selina.